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Why Lanai Island Should be your Next Destination!

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Lanai is an island with a personality of its own. From large dramatic cliffs to fierce blue water. Lanai is nothing like the green pastures of Maui or The Big Island. Lanai used to be known as the Pineapple Island, but has sense been transformed into a luxurious vacation resort.


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The Island of Red Rocks

Every year, the island sees more and more modern, exciting improvements to show you should never judge a book by its cover. Lanai city has more of a humble luxury approach, if that makes any sense. You’ll find the highest-end hotels on Hawaii, but Lanai is a small island it is more about private luxury.

The advantage that comes with that is you won’t be rubbing shoulders with tourists everywhere you go. Being such a small island, there’s a lot of dirt roads, old plantation homes, and untamed landscapes that bring the raw, natural formations you are used to seeing interrupted by a sign of mankind in the peripheral.


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With that said, Lanai is not difficult to get around, thanks to an island-wide transportation infrastructure. It can take you from any of the city’s major hotels, the airport, Hulopoe Bay, golf resorts, and the expedition ferry that takes you to and from Maui. The shuttle is very convenient and is available for only a small flat rate, which can be free with most travel packages. If you stay at the luxurious Four Seasons hotel, you’ll be treated with easy travel from the shuttle and a rental car that will take you to all the hidden spots on the island.

Soak up the Sun


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While you can do a lot of the activities on other islands that you find on Lanai, there is no disputing that one of the best Bays you will find in Hawaii is going to be Manele Bay.

Manele Bay is home to some of the best dolphin and whale-watching and snorkeling on Earth. Grab a tour guide and get up-close and personal with dolphins who will frolic all around your boat. Visit in the winter and you will see whales as big as buildings, majestically gather for annual mating and birthing.


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Another unique thing about Manele bay is that snorkeling isn’t just limited to the beaches or shallow waters, you can also find some impressive finds off the cliffs towering above, via boat trip. This is where you’ll find more private sea creatures like octopi, eels, or giant crabs.

Outstanding Veiws From Lanai Island

Lanai Island

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Puu Pehe Bay - Lanai

Puu Pehe Bay – Lanai – Image source:

Garden of the Gods, Lanai, Hawaii

Garden of the Gods, Lanai, Hawaii – Image source:

Lanai Hawaii

Lanai Hawaii – Image source:

Lanai City, Hawaii

Lanai City, Hawaii – Image source:

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