4 Adventurous Things to Do in Hawaii!

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The best thing about a Hawaiian vacation is the vast amount of variety in the landscape and island personality. You would definitely need to spend a few years visiting the different islands and the places found within each one to get a real scope of just how much there is to do there. But, no matter where you choose to go, you can be assured that adventure is around the corner everywhere you look, you just have to put yourself out there and say “Yes.”

1. Volcano Helicopter Tours


Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/dthong/4134742251

Helicopter is the way to go if you want to get an idea of how these great islands came to be. Your tour guide will provide a look into the history of the geological and culture formation of Hawaii. There are so many active volcanoes, it’s hard to get idea of just how big they are on the ground, because you only see one side, from above you get to see just how wide they are and how much material they can produce on a daily basis. The Big Island is probably the best place to start for your first Volcano Tours.

2. Surfing


Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/kanaka/3095779046

Catching waves in Hawaii is a surfer’s dream. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to start surfing while on your vacation in Hawaii. There are even little school and tours that are setup to teach people how to surf for the very first time. Why not grab an all-inclusive package that gives you everything you need to learn how to surf from birthplace itself?

3. Off-Road Adventures


Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/39214918@N03/7756899006

Get off the pavement and get right into Hawaii’s untamed wild. You can rent an off-road vehicle like a Jeep or ATV and you can even go horseback, if that’s your forte. Many tours actually prefer this method of travel, because it causes much less disturbance to the wildlife and gives you a better opportunity to spot animals in the jungles or forested areas of the islands.

4. Parasailing


Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/edsuom/9971556616

If you need to go big, there is nothing like flying over the waters of Hawaii on a parasail. You can get quite the view while being whisked around, lifting up to heights of over 1000 feet. Really, the only anxiety that comes from parasailing is the initial takeoff, but once you get up there, it’s exhilarating and actually calming after the initial rush. You can go parasailing on any of the islands, it’s a fun spin on the typical boat tour.

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