The 5 Best Hikes in Honolulu Hawaii

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Hawaii is home to dozens of beautiful beaches and a hip, active nightlife. This alone might encourage you to contact island to island moving in Hawaii.However, Hawaii is also just as well-known for its expansive hiking trails, many of which are in or surround Honolulu. This island has become a Mecca for runners, cyclists, and triathletes for the great weather and excellent terrain, persuading hundreds of athletes each year to call moving companies in Honolulu.Here are the five best hikes in and around Honolulu.

1. Diamond Head Honolulu

Diamond Head is probably the most famous hiking trail in Honolulu. This mammoth of a crater is visible from anywhere on Waikiki Beach and acts as a backdrop for many of the resort hotels in Honolulu, making it a popular destination for tourists.

Diamond Head Honolulu
Diamond Head Honolulu

Although it is a magnificent sight to behold, Diamond Head is also home to a three-quarter mile hiking trail that takes hikers up to the crater’s rim. Though it’s not an especially difficult trail, the hike is by no means casual or easy. The roundtrip takes about two hours and is definitely worth it to see the beautiful beaches and the Pacific Ocean.

2. Kapena Falls

A relatively short hike (only ten minutes), the trail to Kapena Falls is off the beaten path and not entirely conspicuous to all travelers.

Kapena Falls Honolulu
Kapena Falls Honolulu

Still, this casual ten-minute hike will take you to the beautiful Kapena Falls, which are twenty feet high. The fact that this trail is so secluded means that you may well have the falls all to yourself.

3. Manoa Falls

At a roundtrip distance of about three miles, the hike to the Manoa Falls is a little more strenuous than the Kapena Falls. However, the trail only has a slight slope.

Manoa Falls Honolulu
Manoa Falls Honolulu

The trail passes through a bountiful ecosystem that seems to resemble an arboretum, revealing the natural beauty of Hawaii’s forests.

4. Makiki Valley

This valley is home to three trails that pass through Makiki’s lush forests and some spectacular views of Honolulu.

Makiki Valley Honolulu
Makiki Valley Honolulu

The loop trail passes through all three trails and takes hikers up the valley, through eucalyptus and bamboo groves, and back down to where the trail started.

5. Lili’uokalani

Botanical GardenThough not necessarily a hiking trail, this botanical garden is seven and a half acres and devoted to native Hawaiian plants. It would be remiss to miss out on this treasure.

Lili'uokalani Honolulu
Lili’uokalani Honolulu

Enjoy a casual stroll or a picnic while taking in Hawaii’s natural plantlife. Just remember, see with your eyes, not with your hands.And don’t forget little Fido or Spot! If you are shipping pets to Hawaii, check up on the latest rules and regulations for allowing new pets into the state!

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