7 Of The Best Beaches of Hawaii You Should Not Miss!

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Hawaii is a rare gem in our nation and in the world. It has miles of white sandy beaches and emerald coastlines that pictures just can’t do justice. Since there are so many of them, let’s break down a list of the most prevalent beaches that you should pay visit to on your trip to Hawaii.

1. Oahu

This is a great beach for all the staple beach activities. This beach is very popular during the weekends and is a common setting for wedding ceremonies. It’s fun to witness new love in the air, you might even be invited to come crash with them, as outdoor weddings are much more festive.

2. Malaekahana Bay


Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/raschi/91068612

Not too far from Oahu, you’ll find a much quieter and less busy atmosphere of the tourist boom. There are more activities for the whole family to partake. Take a tour guide and head out to camping areas to experience authentic Hawaiian culture. Go on a kayaking trip or take a boat out to go fishing with ideal chop conditions. The bay is literally glowing at all hours of the day.

3. Maui

The beaches of Maui are situated mere footsteps away from the beachfront properties. This is the spot for surf enthusiasts. The water is especially rough during the winter, so take note if it’s going to be your first go on a surfboard or other water vehicles. There’s a lot of people with vacation homes out in Maui, so don’t be surprised if you get invited to chill with some awesome people.

4. Poipu Beach Park

This place is also great if you’re looking for a variety of things to do. You not only have great sandy beaches, but you also have fun activities like horseback riding, dirt biking and ATV’ing, and more scenic tours around the beautiful landscape.

5. Manele Bay


Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/sel/8663607346

Another pristine bay that is also a marine wildlife preserve. Lots of indigenous species that you won’t find anywhere else. The colors given off by the fish, the coral, and the water is like a living watercolor painting. Snorkeling here is a must, you have to see these amazing creatures up-close and personal to really appreciate the beauty.

6. Molokai


Image Credit: govisithawaii.com/

Molokai is home to the amazing Molokai Ka Hula festival on the third week of May. So, if you’re visiting around this time, you should definitely add Molokai Beach to your list. You’ll quickly learn why Hawaii’s one of the favorite places to be whenever there’s a party. Good food, good people, and the love for nature, what more could you ask for?

7. Kaiona Beach Park

This is another hidden gem on the island of Oahu. Mainly a kept secret by the local Hawaiians, it’s actually hiding in plain sight as tourists pass by it every day on their trips to the other major attractions like Waimanalo Beach Park or Lanikai. This beach is great for those who enjoy watch sea turtles, they’re easy to spot in the beautiful reefs. This beach is also kid-friendly, so bring the whole family. The best days to go are on the weekdays, as the weekends is when the locals all come to relax on their days off.

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