7 Amazing Experiences on Kauai Island!

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Kauai is a tropical paradise, filled with lush vegetation and the most square-mileage of beaches of all the Hawaiian islands. It has the best of both worlds: limitless potential of beach and watersports with a whole jungle to explore inland. Kauai is the oldest island in the chain, so it has a lot of stories to tell.


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1. Get a board and get in the water, Kauai has no shortage of waves to catch, for the beginner or the seasoned veteran. You can even find pockets of beaches that host calm waters perfect for trying the latest craze of paddle boarding, where you stand-up on a flat board with a paddle or even practice yoga on top of the water. Be one with the ocean and sync your breathing up with the laps of the waves.

2. When you’ve worked-up an appetite, head down to strip of world-class restaurants to get a taste of the sea. Start at the street vendors, first. You can find some local recipes that you won’t any place else. Once you’ve tried Hawaiian barbecue, you’ll never taste BBQ the same way.


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3. If you take a boat out to sea, you’re likely to run into some dolphins, who are never shy and will swim right up to the side. If you’re not afraid to dawn some scuba gear, you can get even close to them and get up-close and personal with the marine life. The water is crystal clear, so you’ll have no trouble making out the ecosystems and communities of coral and fish.

4. Don’t leave Kauai island without taking a trip around the Waimea canyon and all the great trails that wrap around waterfalls and pools of water to keep you refreshed along your travels. It’s really a privilege to be able to just get away from the urban landscape we are so used to back on the mainland.

5. They don’t call it the Garden Island for no reason, either. There are four giant botanical gardens to be explored, all decorated to the tee, with sculptures, intricate walkways, and vivid flowers that can only be found on the island. Pick any one of these National Treasures and you won’t be disappointed. A family-must, don’t let the kids protest worry you, once they get there, their mouths and eyes will thank you.

6. Lastly, Kauai has some unique tour packages that take you around some locations where movies have been filmed, like Speilberg’s classic Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park movies. Heck, even the Pirates of the Caribbean movies made their mark here. You’ll have a great time reliving your favorite scenes from these movies and hearing all the cool insider tales about the filming. A movie buff’s dream.

7. Hideaway at the Hideaway’s Beach in Princeville. This secluded beach is perfect for a romantic retreat. The waves are calm and the reef is shallow. It’s almost like a cove, with the cliffs providing a nice shade from the sun. The reason why they call it Hideaway’s Beach is due to the slight difficulty reaching it. It does require some trekking down some slopes, so be careful and

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