The Secrets of Hawaii

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Every place has its secrets, and if it’s a place as beautiful and wonderful as Hawaii, you can rest assured that most of its secrets will also be pretty amazing. If this isn’t your first Hawaii vacation or if you simply do not want to be in the middle of the perennial Hawaiian crowd, we have some of the best kept secret locations listed for you today. If you manage to land on even one of these four locations, your trip to these islands will definitely be different than that of most.

Papohaku Beach

There is no other white sand beach in all of Hawaii which is longer than the beautiful beach of Papohaku on Molokai. Once you reach this brilliant beach, you will hardly see any people; do you know why that is? Well, it’s because not too many people know about the beach in the first place! Add that to the fact that swimming is prohibited on most days in the area because the waves are too dangerous. Nevertheless, it is an excellent location to just relax on the beach and soak in the sun while enjoying a bit of solitude.

Papohaku Beach
Papohaku Beach – image source:

The Glass Beach of Kauai

Located near Port Allen Harbor, the Glass Beach in Hanapepe is a must visit site for those that know how to find it. The entire beach is filled with sea glass beads of various sizes and colors. It’s a fantastic site which is neither fully natural nor fully manmade. The glass has been turned into natural looking pebbles by the action of the weather and the sea on them for hundreds of years, but they originally came from bottles and other artificial objects that were discarded long ago.

Glass Beach of Kauai
Glass Beach of Kauai – image source:

The Mysterious Mermaid Cave

People often try in vain to find the famous but secretly located Mermaid Cave. Legend has it that the Mermaid Cave can be found somewhere near the island of Oahu’s leeward coast but there is no guarantee that it’s authentic info. While we are not sure that you will see beautiful (or hideous) mermaids even if you find the place, everyone who has been there says that it’s an amazing experience. The adventure alone might be worth the trip but you will need to find someone who has actually been there first.
Mermaid Cave – image source:


There is a reason as to why Niihau is known as the “Forbidden Island” and that reason is that it really is forbidden for outsiders! The island is privately owned by the famous Robinson family and if you want to land on the island to get a look at things, you will have to get permission directly from them. Apart from the Robinson family members, roughly 300 Hawaiian natives also stay on the island. There is nothing stopping you from seeing the place from on top of a boat or a helicopter though.

By Polihale at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By Polihale at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The burial grounds of King Kamehameha and the enchanting forest of Makawao deserve to be on this list as well, but to keep this article short, we will just keep them as honorable mentions. Although you may not even find all the locations mentioned here on your next trip to the Hawaiian Islands, be sure to at least try.


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