The Best Way To Maui

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A visit to Maui has all the makings of a memorable island vacation – Hawaiian style!  From its lush tropical scenery to the enchanting beauty of its beaches, Maui is a holiday-seeker’s paradise.  You can enhance your dream vacation, however, by keeping the following helpful information in mind.

Visit Maui
Visit Maui – Image source:

Keep these FAQs handy and you’ll be bound to have a genuinely worry-free food time in Maui

Should I Use Traveler’s Checks in Maui?

With its plethora of cash machines, you probably don’t have to bother with any traveler’s checks.  Moreover, major credit cards are accepted throughout Maui so you’re sure to be safe moneywise just as if you were traveling anywhere in the U.S.

Should I Rent a Car for Getting around the Maui Island?

Many visitors do rent cars in order to see the island on their own terms.  However, Maui also boasts shuttles, tour buses, and taxis that make getting around the island quite easy.  If you plan to stay in a remote Maui area, you should certainly plan to rent a vehicle.

Hotel or Private Villa on Maui?

For a romantic getaway, there’s nothing quite like a villa or beachside cottage.  You can choose from many lovely Maui vacation rentals when you plan your trip to the island.  Of course, Maui also boasts world-class hotels and resorts as well as many budget-friendly accommodations.

Maui Coast Hotel


What Clothes Should I Pack in Maui ?

Summer clothing is always in season on Maui!  Most tourists wear shorts and t-shirts for sight-seeing.  However, you might want to pack some light suits and evening dresses for experience the island’s vibrant nightlife.

How Can I Stay Safe in Maui?

Fortunately, Maui enjoys a very low crime rate.  However, you can reduce your risk for theft by keeping valuables out of sight and under protection.  Like anywhere else, it’s best not to walk alone at night.  Depending on where you stay on your vacation, you should also pay attention to the recommendations made at your accommodations regarding safety and security.

Are Maui’s Beaches as Beautiful as I’ve Heard?

Yes and are perfect places to enjoy sunrise and sunset!  Maui has more than thirty miles of beach.  Enjoying Maui’s beaches are one of the main reasons to visit Maui in the first place!

Is It Safe to Swim in the Waters of Maui

Most vacationers do come to Maui for its beaches and watersport. Swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and boating are all popular pastimes.  Pay attention to warnings regarding the beaches; however, people flock to the waters of Maui.  Shark attacks are rare.  To minimize risk, refrain from swimming at sunrise and dusk and steer clear of murky water.

The scenic beauty of Maui

Visiting Maui has all the makings of a spectacular vacation.  You’ll love the scenic beauty of attractions like Hana and even the migrating whales (during winter months).

Sunset walk along Big Beach, Maui
Sunset walk along Big Beach, Maui – Image source:
Maui Nature
Maui Nature – Image source:
Maui Cliff Jumping
Cliff Jumping at Black Rock at Wailea, Maui – Image source:
Maui Sunset
Maui Sunset – Image source:

The gorgeous climate, delectable seafood and Hawaiian cuisine, and other fun tourist activities will have you wondering how soon you can plan a second visit!  If you aren’t able to see all the Hawaiian Islands, be sure you make it to Maui and see its splendor all for yourself!

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