8 Reasons to Travel to Hawaii this Winter

8 Reasons to Travel to Hawaii this Winter

With winter nearly in full swing, many are starting to plan their wintertime getaways. One good option no matter what time of year is Hawaii.


Here are eight reasons why.

  1. The Weather

This might be one of the most obvious reasons, particularly if you happen to live in any of the colder U.S. cities.

It takes no more than a look at the numbers to under stand this. In January and February, the average high temperature in Honolulu is 80 degrees. In January the city averages a full 227 hours of sunshine.

Compare that to, say, Chicago. In January the average high in that city is 32 degrees, and it averages 126 hours of sunshine that month. To most, the choice is obvious and clear.

  1. The Beaches

Beach vacations aren’t for everybody–some prefer to be more active, while others prefer to check out city sites. But if you do happen to be a beach lover, you can’t go wrong in Hawaii.

The state is home to a number of world-class beaches, one of the most notable being Waikiki Beach in Oahu. Others include Lahaina Beach in Maui, and Poipu Beach in Kauai.

  1. The Food

Trying new and unique types of cuisine is a highlight of any vacation, and that’s certainly no different in Hawaii. The islands feature a wide variety of foods, including traditional Hawaiian cuisine, along with other dishes influenced by immigrants that have made their way through Hawaii over the years.

One of the most famous Hawaiian dishes is poke, and perhaps one of the most unique is Spam musubi: rice balls wrapped in seaweed that at first glance resembles sushi, but stuffed with a slice of glazed, grilled Spam.

  1. To Propose

Anyone who has seen photos of Hawaii knows about its beauty. With that in mind, Hawaii is a very romantic place to propose.

Not only is it romantic, but Hawaii also gives you lots of potential proposal options. You could propose at sunrise or sunset near the beach, or you could find a secluded natural and romantic area to pop the question.

  1. Pearl Harbor

There is an abundance of natural beauty readily available in Hawaii. However, the islands are also home to one of the most infamous moments in U.S. history.

The 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor recently passed, making it a good time to honor and remember those who sacrificed their lives during the event that thrust the United States into World War II.

There are a wide variety of Pearl Harbor tour packages available, including a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial, or a tour of the battleships of WWII at Pearl Harbor.

  1. The Familiarity

Perhaps the one negative about visiting Hawaii–especially for those not too keen on air travel–is that there will most likely be a long airplane ride involved. That said, the long ride gives visitors to the islands a feeling that they’re in a far-off place.

On the flip side, however, is that while you may be physically distant from the continental U.S., you are, after all, still in the States. That means you’re likely to find all of the U.S. conveniences that you might miss out on in foreign countries, such as U.S. currency and cell phone connectivity just about everywhere you go.

  1. The Culture

While Hawaii is of course a part of the U.S., it’s also very culturally unique in its own beautiful way.

There are a number of festivals throughout the year that celebrate the cultures of Hawaii, including the Ka Molokai Makahiki Festival in January. Other winter events and festivals include the Maui Whale Festival, the Honolulu Chocolate Festival and the Sand Island Bike Festival.

  1. The Hiking

For those looking for a bit of physical activity during their vacation, Hawaii has you covered. In fact, Maui alone features at least 10 great hikes, including ‘Iao Valley State Park, the Waihou Spring Trail Loop and the Haleakala-Sliding Sands Trail.

There are many good reasons to visit Hawaii at any time of the year, but these are just eight why you should consider taking your trip this winter.

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Best Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

Best Family-Friendly Resorts in Hawaii

Planning a vacation that’s fun for the whole family isn’t always easy, but choosing a great destination like Hawaii makes the process simpler. That’s because Hawaii is an ideal destination whether your family wants to be in the middle of the action or would rather just spend a few days soaking up the sun. Choosing the right resort can go a long way toward making your vacation a success.

Fortunately, Hawaii offers plenty of family friendly resorts from which to choose.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

2005 Kalia Road , Waikiki, Honolulu, United States

On Oahu, few resorts can compete with these family friendly amenities. Younger kids attend Camp Penguin where they participate in a wide range of activities. The whole family can enjoy water sports or relax on the white sand beach. Families can also feed the resident penguins and turtles, take Hawaiian dance lessons, learn how to make leis or strum a ukulele. It’s fun and educational option.

Aulani Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina

 Aulani Disney Resort and Spa

92-1185 Ali`inui Drive, Oahu, Hawaii, United States

Nobody knows great family vacations like Disney, making this resort on Oahu an obvious choice. This all-inclusive property lets every family member enjoy storytelling sessions and interactions with beloved characters. There are plenty of entertaining and educational events, and guests can also try their hands at various Hawaiian crafts.


Grand Wailea – A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Grand Wailea - A Waldorf Astoria Resort

show prices3850 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea, Hawaii, US

This enormous, upscale resort could be just what your family is looking for, particularly if they enjoy water sports. The main attraction is the pool area. It’s six levels tall, features a water elevator and just might be the most entertaining pool area in the islands. Kids also get a kick out of Camp Grande, which caters to kids ages five to 12. Fortunately, this resort doesn’t leave out adults. There’s an adults only pool and a world class spa on site.


Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

show prices3900 Wailea Alanui Wailea, Maui, Wailea, Hawaii, United States

This gorgeous property offers year round kids activities and doesn’t forget to include the teens. IPods and Kindles are complimentary accessories and the resort’s on the beach location makes this one a cinch as a perfect choice for traveling families with finicky kids.


Fairmont Kea Lani Maui

Fairmont Kea Lani Maui

show prices

4100 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea, Hawaii, United States

Also found on Maui, this ultra luxurious resort recognizes that’s it’s important to keep the kids entertained. They can learn a bit of the local language, build a volcano and learn to hunt lizards. With a babysitting service and plenty of available water sports, adults will enjoy this resort too.


How to Prep for Your First Trip to Hawaii

How to Prep for Your First Trip to Hawaii

You’ve done it. You’ve booked your first trip to paradise. The Hawaiian Islands are calling your name, and you can hardly wait to pack up the family and head to the airport — luggage or no luggage.

But before you run out and start the car, though, take some time to do a little travel planning in order to get the most out of your Hawaiian get-away. You’ll want to make sure you cover all of the bases when it comes to bringing essential items, planning activities and finalizing your transit plans to and from the airport, as well as which islands you want to visit. Read more